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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crap !!! im at it again,,, this boys got way to much time on my hands

                                                                  And it taste like real chicken mins the tail
                            THINK,,,,, campers use matches              RV,ers use PROPANE,,,,,,,
 IT all started in New England, we beat there ass all the way to cal a phone i  a , to Alcatraz island and the poor guys had to take IT by Force (it was there island to start with)
they were looking to build a gambling casino damned if the national park service didn,t steal it from then
The Occupation of Alcatraz was an occupation of Alcatraz Island by the group Indians of All Tribes (IAT). The Alcatraz Occupation lasted for nineteen months, from November 20, 1969, to June 11, 1971, and was forcibly ended by the U.S. government.

say at my age i can do that to with out the giggles
Add caption (not on your life)
well u need to turn in your MAN CARD
                                                                you lost your book
                                                                                   u know who u are
                                                                                                 kiss the dog pat the wife go take a nap


  1. LOL...........Hey, wait!!

    I still dig an' scratch when and wherever I want.

  2. How'd your kitty git under my tire?????