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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Say,, did i get a surprise,, PRIZE,,

                                        well GOOD morning SUNSHINE
                            well no its not a shopping bag but its BIGGER than a bread box
 way much bigger  a hole lot bigger like wow holy crap its BIG NOW THIS IS ONE BIG AIR BAG

 on sunday Jeremy rousted  me out of bed like O darkAM  like  430aaaamm  now son theres no life form up at this time like NONE
Happy Birthday DAD put some pants on lets go
so an hour later we stop at starbucks forget the coffee well looking around the cats out of the bag WOW,, at least this time he,s not throwing me out of a perfectly good  airplane and telling me im FREE  now  FLY
now one of the best things i love to do is anything that has to do with flying,, of any kind
however all the flying stuff i did had rotors or wings,, well maybe man has no lift when he flaps his arms after exiting a perfectly good airplane trust me i have the photos  and video to back it up and it aint pretty,,
this was a first for me
the pilots slot

now this would cook my hot dogs real nice
now what we had was a 8 place basket  but we still had a lot of room

                                                            comeing down to 1700ft
                                                                                thanks son
one proud dad
                             it was fun crossing over a pond and lookin down
 we only went as high as 2800ft but as low as 25 ft looking for gaters

 well over our heads on the basket was a heat shield to deflect the heat from the burnners  real good thing to he was useing only one bunner 95% of the time but with 2 on now,, i now know how a roast duck feels

               run guys run catch us if you can look at the LAMP POSTmissed it by 10ft on the right side of us
 I need you to VOLUNTEER  with balloon packing Jeremy and the pilot note the hat 35 years ballooning all over the world
             6 guys to pack this balloon in to this small bag 400lb  its good for 800hours 60,000$ new
basket 18,000$ new                             cost of trip   WITH MY SON PRICELESS
 nows the fun part,,,,,,, now as i told you we left starbucks right well darn,,,,
it was three choices OJ,, champagne,,  or mimosa,, and costco donuts  830 AM AND NO COFFEE
                                 i got the Birthday prize see its a champagne balloon at THE END

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