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Monday, June 22, 2015

Off-line mapping app,s

Sometime back you asked about  maps for GPS specifically for your iphone
The key to getting an GPS off line map one that specifically follows you and updates as you move some do some do not that's where the problem lie so you basically have to test 2   4 or 4 or different kinds as long as they're free you don't mind uploading and you can always delete them
But first I had a 2004 Ford F350 that had in dash  navigation system,, It worked fine 90% of the time so after selling the pick up truck I bought a Chevrolet avalanche that has no room for in dash navigation system  unless I went with a pop-up but there's been too many problems with those in the wire mechanism and I'm not crazy about the standalone GPS navigation systems out there by the time you figure it out you're going to spend $150 to $250 for one that will work with me that has trucker input and there again it is a small unit and it only does one thing ,,,,,,,,so I went a different route,,,,,,
The other day I went to a pawnshop  (i'm a big fan of pawnshops )and I picked up a used galaxy tablet three out the door with bargaining I paid $90 for it now this tablet has all the bells and whistles and toys along with Wi-Fi Bluetooth it does everything that my iPad does except I run Android on this tablet. And my LG phone is also an android
Now if you do a search for offline GPS navigation you'll come up with several free apps just make sure you read the reviews as to their limitations
Just a quick reminder The apps that I'm talking about is for an android but you could also do the same kind of search under Apple app,s for an iPhone or an iPad lot of free ones
After downloading 3 or 4  apps I finally came down with one.
But you also have Google map,, mapQuest off-line,,   Here...
The one that I downloaded was free but it has a paid feature called premium that is $20 at this time I didn't get it that feature is a heads up display
So after charging the tablet and uploading the app,   I went for a ride
And this was my results  so far I am more than pleased
One other little note the stand that the tablet sits on is in a cup holder and very very secure 
And it swivels  and it locked my tablet very secure  it's eBay item for $34 free shipping
I'm not a fan of putting my credit card on the Internet to buy an app so I basically use PayPal so if you have a PayPal account all that much better to buy something

$90 is about the going price for a tablet here in The pawnshops inFlorida
But it beats buying a new one in case somebody steals this unit but then again I have tracker on it so I know exactly where it is and I feel sorry for you

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