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Friday, July 31, 2015

If you wait long enough it'll show up

Well for the longest time I always figured when I retired I would always look from my dream Retirement job. 
It had to fit some of the criteria is that I had in mind of the time
It had to be a simple job
didn't require a lot of education 
As well as a no think I'm job
It could not  be a strenuous job
It had to be inside
And it had to be part time
And they had to pay me
And at least $.25 over minimum wage
It also had to be a job where I could mingle with people
Well that job would have been none other then a Walmart greeter at the door
It would've gone something like this 

                                 hi welcome to Walmart thank you for shopping with us today

Well there there's a glitch in the Walmarts system about two years ago they phase that out 
So now Walmart has no door greeters,,,,, bummer what am I to do
Well today I finally found the perfect solution
            Walmart now has what they call a cashier pointer 
                                     what a wonderful novel concept that fantastic
And it fits right in with all the criteria is that I wanted.      Now I just have to figure out where to sign up
I could just picture myself doing this wonderful job in my retirement years
It goes something like this

Hi,,,no waiting,,cashier,,,this way,,,thank you for shopping at Walmart,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy your day

Do you know how I know that this is a wonderful job look at the smile on the cashiers pointers face tell you how much he loves his job so there is hope for me after all
And to top it off I can get exercise walking up and down the aisles helping all the Walmart shoppers
So you see there is a silver lining in retirement,,, 
                                                                      ,,,,, you just need to know where to look,,,,,

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