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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I don't know why I keep my cool

It's bad enough I only work two days a week but that means they can screw up on Friday Monday and Tuesday and then I come to work Wednesday and this is what kind of crap I find 
What did he  knockdown what Else did he tear up other than my truck
it wouldn't be so bad if The driver turned around and said,, hey I screwed up
But the rat bastard never said a word.  Until he was confronted with it.  and his answer was no I didn't hear or feel it,,,,,,,  it's a really good thing I'm not running the shop because he'd be on the unemployment line

Now you can pound the bumper back in and make it look halfway decent but the frame bracket needs to be sent out and do a  brazing weld,,, 
With all the work that the guy in the shop has the last thing he needs to do is work on my truck well I guess just one more thing on his list  of too dues soon 

Never mind that,,,, don't even get me started on the job site,,,or the site boss
OK you didn't but I will
Now the first dim wit site boss told me to  drop the trusses on the right side  but the right side lot is only 5 feet,,,ain't  going to happen. 

This is where they went.                 Looks good from my house
And to make it even more interesting my other load for the day was 13.9wide 13.10 High 
Just to let you know my Florida state  permit is for 14 wide 14 high and 108 feet long
Now that load requires an escort,, and to make it even more interesting I stand out like a sore thumb with a red flag waving it in front of a bull 
So that attracts one kind of special professional person and it's called a Florida highway patrol DOT unit 
So that's how I know the state of Florida makes their money,,  he walked away with the tune of $350 no that's really not a bad deal because he was only there for a half an hour or so it was a good deal for him (state) 
And as soon as he was done with me with lights flashing he was after another truck
But then again in our line of work it's called    The cost of doing business
Back to the job
Now the second site boss says oh there's plenty a room I got 5 acres OK 
let's see,, . Now this lot site is up in Mount Dora
Well those of you that don't know Florida well its made up of crushed coral dirt and sand unfortunately in the central part of Florida north of Orlando they have what is known as sugar sand it it's just what the word applies it is The consistence of sugar  go down to any real beach and try to walk on soft sand this is even worse if you noticed a lot 
Well the House slab is only 275 feet from the road this is a 5 acre lot yes there's grass on the left side of the lot and there's grass on the right,,  it sits on sugar sand meaning you can't drive a car on it let alone my 18 wheeler.      (they usually put down 2 feet of hard pan soil that acts as a base for the house slab) 
Now the trick is to get said load  back to said house slab  (yeah and I'm still laughing)
the first picture you see has tracks from front end loader and 10 wheelers going in there they get pulled back in to dump and pull back out so consequently they chew everything up
So standing about three quarters of the way down that driveway looking back to my load give you an idea how true it is.  it's like walking on the beach soft sand,, again the tracks that you see are from a front end loader

So after careful calculation and factoring in  the cost that it would be to  get a wrecker to come and drag me in and drag me out we decided to put the load here 
there were two roads going in I only blocked off the second one 

So now they've need  to get a front end loader with forks to pick it up and bring it to the job site 
all the time they were playing around figuring out where I'm going to put it how I'm going to put it where it Needs to go  2 1/2 hours hours later guess what I found a better spot but not on the actual spot where they wanted it.. although it was 273 feet away but it was still on the lot
But I can guess right now though site boss is not going to be happy
Now they have to get a crew in there to block up the walls along with concrete trucks,, than after they do that,, there is more fun to be had
And the part that I have a good laugh that they need to get a crane in there in order to put the roof up

So now you know how my day went today,,, it sucked but  I get paid for it 

And that's why my hairs  turning white.    ZZ top eat your heart out.   No extensions here

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