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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I know I bought that sink for some reason

After redoing the whole ceiling to my liking adding the lights now it's onto the kitchen walls and countertop
Up to this point we finally got the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen sank so much fun to wash dishes in the tub

The original counter was a galley style counter which took up a lot of room
Note the apartment size stove 20 inches wide
So after ripping it  all out piecemeal we still had to make it function because we live here

So after a while it finally got to the point where we have to bite the bullet and trash it and get it all out
If I decided to put in granite or courts it would've been almost $2600 that ain't going to happen
Corian countertop was 1900 that it going to happen either
Now I almost had a company billed me Formica laminate countertop for 400
 I was already to do that BUT I got to thinking  something my dad used to say never be afraid to tackle a hard  job
However I wasn't looking forward to building the counter
So it went like this 2 precut 25 x 10 countertop blanks 40 bucks 
One 5 x 12  Formica laminate 175 to edge molding 105 (when I do the other small
countertop next to the stove I didn't have enough so I had to get two sticks)
1 quart contact cement one roller $35 
If I gave it to a cabinet company it would've cost me $400 savings in my pocket priceless

                              (. Nice to have a 30 inch wide stove normal size 👍 )

Living in a manufactured home they don't put normal size cabinets normal size refrigerator stove or sink that's really a bummer as you feel like you're living in a mini world so we now have a normal size sink an stove we don't really need a bigger refrigerator

So actually square foot per square foot we ended up with the same amount by going straight instead of having a galley type kitchen which opens up the living room dining room and by the way did I say our footprint is only 11.5 x 17.5 not quite the Taj Mahal  or a New York apartment but at least I don't have to go far to get a glass of water and ice cream one  ( five steps )
There's more room in my old fifth wheel then there is in my whole house
Now  the next project is backsplash for the counter and walls and solid wood bamboo flooring
Along with one cabinet and microwave above the stove and another cabinet to the right of the stove at the rate I'm going I could probably be about 2 years no it just feels good getting down to this point it's almost like there's a light at the end of the tunnel 😎
Marco he's not to happy    betty she could care less she knew there has to be a food treat somewhere involved

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