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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Big PayPal scam

If you get an email or a text that looks anything like this be damn careful it s aSCAM do not answer it where it says 
this isn't you 
resolve it here
It will ask for your email address and your password to PayPal don't give it out at all
First check your bank account second go into the official PayPal site but do not answer the email that was sent to you,, once they have your email address and your PayPal account password you ain't going to have any money left
Another way to test if it is a fake click on the item number it will be highlighted in blue it will not come up to an item
I was so mad I almost did it myself but I caught myself quick

Thank you for your PayPal purchase

Dear ,

Register and open a free PayPal account
Buyer protection in the event of unauthorized use of your account
When you send a payment, your financial information is never shared
Free for the buyer

We confirm that you have sent to alie.xyy( a payment of $ 813.18 USD via PayPal.

This credit card transaction will be shown on your statement as "PAYPAL * Alie.Xy".


This Isn't you ?

Resolve It Now

Payment details

Purchased at:Alie.xy
Code received : 3237-9181-7418-6419

Item No.Item TitleQuantityPriceSub Total
381241898676I-Phone 6 Unlocked 32GB1$810,98 USD$810,98 USD

Shipping & handling:
(It includes the cost of packaging from the seller)
$13,00 USD
Insurance costs (no offer):--
Total:$863,98 USD

The charge will appear on your credit card as "PAYPAL *Alie.xy". 

Payment sent to

Initial amount Currency€776,073 EUR
Currency final amount:$863,98 USD
Exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.897714 EUR

Business information


Shipping Detail

Shipping Detail :Steven P. Wallace
173 Hinkle Lake Road
United States

Receipt Number: 3217-9861-7148-6419

To complete the transaction, we have converted the amount of payment in the currency of your card, under the contract entered into with you. The rate for PayPal currency conversion is added to the exchange rate, established by a financial institution outside. For more information on rates, read our User Agreement.

If you have not solved the problem directly with the merchant, you can use the free service offered by PayPal, which resolves disputes quickly and easily. The service is valid for all purchases of physical goods made through PayPal and is free for holders of a PayPal account. To open an account, click the button "Register now" above.

Keep the receipt number indicated above for future reference. You will need to get assistance from wu Danli or PayPal.

For any questions about shipping and tracking on the item or service purchased, contact the seller

Best regards,

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  1. Good grief ... there is always someone trying to get in your bank account!!