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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Chicken drumsticks and green chili salsa

Chicken legs and mild green chili salsa 
I used about a half a cup of mild green chili salsa (The same kind you use for salsa dip for chips ) a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper, and a teaspoon of whatever spices I could find in the house (be creative throw caution to the wind and go far)(there are no rules)(as a Cajun cook would tell you it's not the spices that makes the food it's the people that make the food)
mix it all together
The Salsa has a little bit of mild spice to it so I did not add any heavy hot peppers or Hot type  spices
All I did was put it in a big bowl marinate and cover it, for about five hours in the refrigerator
I pre-started my instant pot with a cup and a half of water while I was waiting for that to come up to temperature
On the stovetop I sautéd  The marinated chicken for about five minutes each side in olive oil
put all the chicken in my instant pot on the strainer bring it to pressure cook for 17 minutes
Fast release the pressure
Put it on a flat baking pan and broiler for ever how  long you like it,, or to a golden brown
And I have to say so myself. it did come out excellent.

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