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Sunday, June 23, 2013

i got to thinking why did i change

                                     on left is new ,, and right is old,,did i say old is 3mo,s old
 well its like this its called OVER KILL
so when  i set up my solar my guy said 45amps thinking i was setting up 4 panels  so 45amp unit was the way to go
well he stop by to see if i needed any more panels  well no darr this is it
than he tells me all i needed was a 15amp unit and to switch out to a MPPT setup
SO 215$ later and 5 hours after that  ( did i tell you i take coffee with cream,,)( i ran out,, rat,s wallmart run)
O and good stuff  Lowes and spend my money Depot are next to wallmart?? how nice
were was i   O
so switching from PWM to MPPT is a faster chargeing unit  now in the summer its no big deal , but in the winter for me as im not tiltting my only one panel im hoping this will work faster now late in the day about 6pm it was still putting out 0.3 were as the older unit stopped at 4pm
so the test will be today if no rain however the old unit put out some even in the rain
                                                                         after ,s setup
 now i may need to spend more $$$$$   as im useing a RM2 and the sunsaver uses a RM1(older model)
but we will see even so the meter is picking up MPPT  the reading is asying PWM  ???
and i will try to boost it,s out put to 14.8 if i can  and thats an if??
 now the last time camping i had to put a 6x6 block under the legs no no were not doing this ( when was last time your trailer fell off the block when you were backing under it trick)
so to the steel yard i go
now this is much much better however i need to fine tune the black leg tube  and put pin holes in
did i tell you im going for COFFEE i can see  this job ain,t getting done today

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