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Thursday, June 20, 2013

well it,s done, pssst,, think so, and stuff

                                                                     need i say more

 well seens like the best thing to do at the time  had some oak in the shop so a new table was in order
 and a replacement leg from EBay 22.oo$ 40.oo$ from ,,jack the price up crap world,, the last table was old and  flopping so much it had to go by by,,  and it will not be used as a bed anyway  all the guests are sleeping outside anyways
 i hate it when someone tells me theres no replacement for this  so 4 fiber spring bushings 1.25$ each and 2 caps .55 each taa dar done
                                                       small book rack,,,   done
                                                        large book rack,,,   done as well
 now for a closet hamper i think this will do fine,, and we have a place to store stuff on as well,,  and to shower it comes out
                                                           i need to move there   y  lines 1 and  3

                                                                 i got an eye on u
                                            OK high speed auto focus on auto pilot
                                                                 Tar - Darr  the end

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