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Friday, November 15, 2013

cars water M O U S E food and ??? did i piss u off

                                        put in a 45gal water tank to top out at 80 gals
this way i can refill the 5ers tank
                                        have the pump now i need to plum it up
                                              four eyed banana head >                                 <dip shit
                                                                    iphone photo sucks
went to Disney Epcot foodfest and came out FAT DUMB and HAPPY
did i say we got free tickets  but the food cost   55$ later the MOUSE was happier
                                                  drink  3 cups of  coffee in the am helps to

                                                          ITS MY BLOG F - U

 its pretty bad when i got to go and steal my own POSTS
now i started  it    and *he  deleted   my best ones after i created H/D

if u carry a hand gun read on                    if not STOP HERE go hide

Y would anyone carry a FIREARM NOT LOADED  or is it like golf u get to the green  and
 O Wait  i forgot my BALLS  hold it we be right back don,t go
its bad enough sone sone dip-shits dont load one round in the chamber (we see that a lot )then its TEST time       guess what u lose big guy,,, (now think about something,, the time it took u to read,,) guess what u lose big guy,,,

u or your dog have 2 fat holes  and there free test over

now some people thats a wakeup call,,,    others well,,,
       hows it work,,, start at home with an UNLOADED GUN,  practice,, practice,,,, practice,,,,,,,,,, UNTIL IT BECOMES SECOND NATURE   then to fine tune yourself find a gun range that has a IDPA (look it up ) course  ( its in my olded posts )
yes u will be intimidated by your lack of ability,, thats ok your not the first
thats how we all started out and its fun
enough said

 Mister Ed says:
Say I was wondering ?? is a hissy fit ,,the same thing or like a conniption fit ,,cuz my Mom had both ,,and I never know which was worse when I was in trouble ?
And I never knew how my father got pull in to the act when he got home
and the part about its going to hurt me more than u was a lie to
least he could sit down at the supper table

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