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Monday, December 16, 2013

Well it,s OFFICIAL it,s now FOR SALE

                                           NO NOT THE TRAILER
                                           NO NOT THE TRUCK
but im thinking about selling it and looking for a F350 4x4 with a 7.3 non dulley buts thats after cash in hand
 sorry were only in a one star Neighborhood
                                            with a big back yard with a lot of free trees
                                            but not my yaks
                                           OK were leaveing the tree But the cats mine
                 out side shower with 2 free scrubbes
but you need to bring your own soap

                                      see  were allmost rednecks with a BBQ grill inside
                                                                                          thats coze we took it out of the garage

                                                                                                        no steve u cant have the cookies

                                                  so far 4 days in its had 4 showing so bring the $$$$$$$
                                          NOW show me the money were all set to roll
                      looks like the axle roll over came out super fine , no changes needed


  1. I need Danish Butter cookies..........

    I eat one of each kind before starting on the next layer.

    I save the pretzel shaped one for the last during each pass.

    When the last cookie is gone, I lick the end of my finger, and sponge up every remaining piece of sugar that is left in the tin.

    Cookies are...........therefor I are!

  2. And by the way.......nice crib! My job would be sitting in that recliner out on the back porch and guarding the critter door.

    What's all the green stuff all over the yard????