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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Freezing our ASSes off

Well we're spending $$$  at the mid-way  tent
First thing I needed was a Tire Minder for the 5er got a 4unit for 308$ with tax
And a 2.50$ hotdog     Ps , never again we diden,t get along it left me 20min,s later
So the next stop after the bathroom was to  thousand trails campgrounds to spend more $$$
Like 425.$$$ but  we got 2 zones southwest which has only one way up north (shit)and northwest
And 13 on the coast whoopee
 It's 30 free days and 3$ each day after that so if we're staying in the northwest for 3mo,s
We can't beat that deal
Well we're still in limbo for the house sale %{]}]{^>?,Banks

Now one of the things I need is a better truck or cheaper gas
9.4 mpg  I think a newer truck is in the works (like diesel)
Its a toss up with a ford 4x4 250/350 or dodge 4x4 2500/3500
It will come down to the better deal at the time with cash in hand
Seems like the best deals are in Az and Tx states (did I say I love to fly, u bet
say good night Dick

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