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Friday, November 7, 2014

Jack me up daddy

Well  it's done thank you so far it's the only one in this park at this time  or can I say I'm out of my mind to do this ok it's bragging rights and it's cool 
There's some 8 in, jack ups out there but thank you I did not  go 8 6 in is just fine 
There's some carts jack kits that you can jack up with a 300$ kit with no A frame but it can't go off road 
 I found a sweet deal on EBay  for 202$ with the A frame kit,, And a golf cart Dealer that had 4  12in rims and tires for 125$ used,,  thats even a sweeter deal most dealers get 450+$$ new 
The only. Thing is the tires are low pro,s not offload,, if I use offload tires it would add 3 more  inches to the high over all,, and  I don't plain on doing any offloading 
There's guys that run the back woods every weekend with  the setup that I have but not this boy
as for  Lights even Sheri thinks that's cool we're looking into it 
Only the fronts done in this photo   Note the change 

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