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Monday, November 3, 2014

Come fly with me,,,,,

Well seeing as how I can't fly kites due to lack of wind And it's to cold out 
I picked up a fan plane ( heli ) to blow air about the house  or should I say crash in to almost every corner,, good thing it comes with spare parts 
So far I still have all ten  I started out with well maybe some raps on the knuckles but it will heal over time,, I'm a slow learner
And yes I did order a 6in lift kit for big daddy's bad boys cart which will be the only one in the park 
Now for the rims tires and spinners,,, ok no spinners   Say under body  led neons light would look cool. Think so 
                       Led,s would look cool  and there cheap to 
                              Or we could try this 

                    Yes I have way to much time on my hands                

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