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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Revamping the yard

   The big trees in the truck the little trees stuck in the ground
But not for long
One of the things that I wanted to do was change the yard around and have shrubs not trees and San Augustine grass and not dirt and weeds 
After we got all the trees and shrubs out we dug a trench from the corner of the house down to the driveway so we could have drainage I put in a 4 inch pipe. So as a water comes off the gutter down to the gutter pipe then it goes underground and comes up right next to the road so it will up well on the road and not on my grass
I was having so much fun I never took any pictures, an I also did the same thing on the backside of the unit

The brown downspout and a black tube are gone and replaced with the new system
 We have the low depression used to drain the water a way from the properties so I ran my four-inch pipe to the low depression so that it upwells in the backyard so far we haven't had any rain so I can't say that it works but I'm sure hoping it does because if it don't  i'm going to be pissed got a lot of sweat equity in this shit
An it,s sure going to make me look like a damn fool if it don't
I don't understand this paragraph One part is blue and the other part is black?????????

Anyways a job is done and that's all that matters

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