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Monday, October 26, 2015

mesti jį į puodą

Well I got to thinking everybody around here have some kind of a cold or the flu and everything else and the best thing to do is to make chicken soup so we're going to make grandma's chicken soup 
Well her philosophy was     mesti jį į puodą     its food 
But I didn't know that at the time being a very very young boy living a sheltered life. In the countryside on the beach,,, I didn't realize where a lot of the stuff came from.  (I couldn't drink milk for two weeks after that visual)
My grandmother and grandfather had a real small city type farm maybe at acre farm just on the outskirts of the East Brockton raising chickens couple pig geese and ducks and goats and were always bartering in the neighborhood farms 
Now my grandmother and grandfather came over from Lithuania before the war and settled in the New World my grandfather could speak three languages my grandmother would only speak one didn't want to know any other
So wherever we went up to The city to visit my mother's grandparents it was always a big deal for mom and dad  (but for me it was kind of scary because I never know who would be missing this time in the yard )
my grandmother always always had a 3 gallon pot cooking on a cast-iron coal stove so when We got there I being the youngest was always elected to help grandma stuff pot
So she would cut up carrots and hand them to me and say  Yedte,,, mesti jį į puodą,,,and I look at her and laughed my brother had to tell me what she said,,,,, Tro it in the pot
Then she cut up some potatoes and again hand them to me and say  Yedte,,, mesti jį į puodą. Look at  my brother and he say throw it in the pot
That would go along with the cabbage turnips 
whatever grandma had to cook she would,,, mesti jį į puodą
That's kind of how we got Our saying Throw it in a pot

Well lets make some chicken soup starts out pretty good 5 potatoes Peel and slice and dice 
For big fat carrots clean and chop 
Five stocks of celery wash and chop

 One can stewed tomatoes drained (get in a pod is an option)

Now I have to fast forward to my mothermy mother was an excellent cook however she lacked basic disciplined measuring spices.  Her philosophy at some of this,, some of this,,some.of this or that 
So how much did you put in that's up to you where did you go,,, mesti jį į puodą

Seeing,as how I don't live on a farm,, we do have Wal (the farm)Mart just down the street so you go get two chicken boobs Wash them slice and dice them take three chicken or beef boullon cubes and put them in microwave for 35 seconds with a 1/4 cup boiled water 

Throw the chicken and  liquid in the skillet and 
sauté the chicken until cooked
When all that's done.    mesti jį į puodą.       See how fast it took you to learn Lithuanian

Set it on the low simmer go have something to drink,,,,come back in 2 hours
if the carrots are done 
proceed to the next step

I hope you're smart enough to have some nice Italian French bread and real butter 
(Not the crap that comes in a tub) 
Wine is at your option,,,,,, remember me telling you that we were Lithuanian,,  Lithuanians wouldn't be caught dead drinking wine ,,,,,,
but the two hours waiting time you had you should have finished vodka bottle by now

As my mother would do she would do the financial analysis like this 

4 potatoes.                          1.25
5 carrots.                             1.25      
5 celery stocks                      .80
1 stewed tomatoe soup.     1.25
2 chicken breasts.               3.25
                                                  = 7.80.      Got 7 meals out of pot at 1.11.  Per serving
Good job Jug-go

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