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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Truck stop dessert

It,s really whenever you feel like callig it but  when the truck stops that's all I need to know
This is my truck stop dessert
When going across country my tractor was set up the same as an RV
I could never see paying the high cost of over the counter prices for something that I could do myself 
And The  availability of a Walmart and other grocery stores along my route always helps out a lot
If you have more than one guest each one gets their own cup individually made with the same as the recipe below

Start out with 1fresh banana. (Do  not use canned fruit)
Slice it and put it in here.       (We almost  never leave the grocery store without one)
 Add 1 1/2.packets  Of  Quality dark sugar
Split the butter and add

Add half of syrup
I will add about five raspberries or five blueberries which ever you have you can use any non-canned fruit
Cook in your  microwave for about   75 seconds ((remember heat temperature difference))
When you see it starting to bubble let it bubble for about 8 to 10 seconds then take it out 
 After it's cooked 
You can add  your favorite yogurt.   (You can add ice cream but think of the health concerns)
You like something cold on it after you cook it try

Your  favorite fruit   On top        ( M & M are at your option)

From start to finish it might take you six minutes
Bananas are only .59. A pound and you're only using one
your yogat you can get that for about $.88 at any store
The rest of the stuff comes free just ask
Next time your going to a grocery store feel free to price check  something close to your creation

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