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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mini trees

Long time ago I had a bonsai  thingy first thing I did was kill,,,it some people like to grow them I have a black thumb

so now what I do is I take the 11 pictures here I stick my wall and I pretend I have bonsai trees and the best part about it I don't have to do anything

So if you  like bonsai trees congratulations I hope you have better luck than I do

top10 smallest bonsai

Bonsai is known for its small size, but the effort to miniaturize trees is sometimes taken to the extreme. The results are tiny little trees (called Mame Bonsai, or Mini Bonsai). In this article we show you our top 10 of the smallest Bonsai trees.








(#1) Smallest Bonsai, an Acer Momiji

The smallest Bonsai tree (mini Bonsai)

This is the smallest Bonsai tree that I know of, with a pending Guiness Record listing. The mini-bonsai is an Acer Momiji. Photo by: Bonsaiguesthouse Osaka.




(#2) A tiny little bonsai tree, by Eric Sin

Mini bonsai

A tiny little Japanese Bonsai tree, bearing fruits. For more images, check the Shohin and Mame Gallery. By: Eric Sin.




(#3) Shohin crabapple by Katsumi Komiya

Crabapple bonsai Komiya

Berries on a Crabapple Bonsai tree, very small size (called Shohin). By: Katsumi Komiya




(#4) Shohin by Christian de Ross

Shohin bonsai

Shohin tree, most likely an Ulmus Parviflora. By: Christian de Ross.




(#5) Mini Bonsai tree, by 盆栽鉢 春嘉

Mini bonsai

Wonderful Firethorn (Pyracantha) Bonsai. By: 盆栽鉢 春嘉.




(#6) Shohin, by Morten Albek

Shohin by Morten Albek

Unique composition of pot and tree; a wonderful Maple Bonsai. By: Morten Albek.




(#7) Flowering Mame Bonsai

Mame bonsai

A mame Bonsai with blossoms. By: 盆栽鉢 春嘉.




(#8) Mini Bonsai, by Jemmy Liauw

Mini bonsai on rock

Beautiful mame bonsai on a rock. By: Jemmy Liauw.




(#9) Juniper Shohin tree, by Morten Albek

Juniper shohin

Stunning Shohin tree, a Juniper Bonsai. By: Morten Albek.




(#10) Another Juniper Shohin tree, by Morten Albek

Shohin or Mame bonsai

Tiny little Bonsai tree. Photo by: Morten Albek.

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  1. Wow!! Those are amazing!!! I'd love to be able to grow them like that!