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Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's cold I need a 3-D printer and I had a grandchild fix

OK who turn air conditioner on outside it's 65 outside today
I'm sure glad I don't live on the West Coast where their having it in the 20s and 30° or up north  

in all the snow
It seemed last week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday the air conditioner inside was running it didn't kick on Friday which was good but today Saturday I go to turn on the damn heat 
Instead of hanging out in my underwear in the Florida room I got to put clothes on(no nobody could see me) I had both dogs in bed with me last night under the covers I've been up for 45 minutes now so far and the dogs haven't even come out from under the covers yet there no dummies 
i'm guessing that we're going to go into our cold spell for a while looking at the news weather
But if there's any other consolation that means the wind will pick up a little bit and maybe I can go out play with my kite at the beach
I was playing with eBay the other day and I found a 5 x 7 sled kite for $11 so I couldn't go wrong with free shipping I just got it yesterday the only thing I did notice it is not ripstop material but then again for $11 what I want I want for a cheap Chinese Kite

Last week Barnes & Noble's had what they call a any Mini maker fair
It was all designed to trying get kids to participate in science electronics and creative mind things which was really good because eventually they're going to become our future scientist I reasoning for going was to look at 3-D printers for a project that I have for my Ariel kite photography set up and I found out there is a new to me workshop called fab lab by where you could bring your ideas in and
And they have all kinds of machinery  and plastic as well as metal 3-D printers along withCNC cutters Lathes 
As I said fab lab is designed to get young kids interested in new technology and teach them how to create different Ideas they actually have a class that you could take that teaches coding
For computer work to set up CNC machine as well as 3-D printers one of the instructors is a father and son the father is in his 40s and the surprising part his son is only about 13 or 14 his sister also helps out and she's about 12 they teach you how to run the machinery and do the coding if you need it the program that I have to make the parts that I want requires a code download and the father told me just to ask the kid you'll tell me whether it's right or wrong and how to set it up the right way 
Talking to the dad that 13-year-old has a school project to help a handicapped child make a artificial hand with a new Proto type set up on a 3-D printer as the child gets older you only need to swap out certain parts so it can allow it to grow as the child grows what amazing thing to do
But anyways my project entails nothing as exotic as this young fellows project 
All I wanted do is make 12 parts my intent is to make a windmill that is designed to turn my go Pro 360 while it's on the end of the kite and now I found out where I have access to a 3-D printer which they have I already have the coding so it's a matter of the 13-year-old telling me whether the coding is compatible to the printer and then print it and then assemble the 12 parts togather so it looks like the bottom picture

Then hopefully after I get it printed I can assemble it without the instructions remember men do pictures  with  no instructions needed 
and hopefully it'll come out like the next picture 
did you notice the key word 

But with my granddaughter at the fair I had a lot of fun with her as well she found out she likes to go up and down stairs that's fine if you remember that I'm 72 so I gained a whole new exercise regiment that day,,,   But then again any day with my granddaughter and grandson are wonderful days it sure is amazing. To watch the little bean sprouts grow it really doesn't get any better than that

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