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Saturday, May 14, 2016

now I know where all my insurance money goes

There's an old saying it when people have a boat it's like throwing money in the water and that's exactly what these guys are doing
They had a powerboat racing call thunder in the port here is our county
I got a phone call the other day One of my ex drivers said hey come on down to the port check us out
So I did after being around trucks and boats most of my life I'm more interested in the trucks because I can't afford the boat

No what are the things that I've never understood you spent $1 million to build a boat put great big wedges and I have all the latest high-tech information and you put a five dollar bilge drain plug in it

This little cutie was made in California and it's called the California roadster
My golf cart is the same size  however my 48 V don't quite compare to the 600 cc engine
And it is perfectly street legal

Now for the jeep fans this little bad boy has a golf cart engine as well as battery operated

Just down the road from the port is a company called Parker Brothers concept
They are. A custom fabricated car  company. If it is a weird concept they'll have it audio make it

When Space X sent the falcon nine up and it returned it landed on a barge and they bring it right in here so we can watch them take it off

And if you turn a little bit to the left you have Carnival Cruise line Disney cruise line and RoyalCaribbean
And between 330 and 430 it'll be a mad scramble to get all three boats out of the port


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