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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Padding for the old parts

A Well If you think you're going to build a manufactured home somebody's gonna live in don't you think that somebody would be smart enough to do things right noooooo
I think they pick up all the rejects and I can't blame it on the Mexicans because they're a lot smarter than that
So the only ones I can blame it on it's a damn rednecks
It's called drill a hole for the pipe hell they'll never know
And if they do I got a  way better job   Working forMcDonald's making better money
Now the reason why I call a redneck stupid as for very good reason
This is the first one. 
Now last night about midnight o'clock I walk in my bedroom
And I stepped on some Pee which happened to be on my rug
So I did what any self-respecting old White guy would do
I kicked my dog butt through her ass outside the door and.  Scalded her for PEEn on  the floor
So after a half a roll of paper towels I finally got it dry enough still little bit damp so I threw two towels on the floor figuring I could wash them tomorrow
 Now this old white guy got up about 9 o'clock this morning walked across the bedroom floor and I stepped on the Cold wet towel it's amazing what Coldwater will do to wake you up
Oh SHIT  was one of the very many clich├ęs that I came out with right off the bat
Now what let's panic damp shut the water off
Now I won't show you a picture because my neighbor didn't take it but oh old white guy outside In his Green Smurf underwear shutting the water off on the main road

So back to the house with my green – underwear to find out what the matter would be
After taking the panel off it really became apparent what the matter was a .99 cent fitting

Well I'm not the type of guy that lets one $.99 fitting throw me for a loop
Because I know the law of averages I'm going to have to go back in there and replace another one so 8 fitting later an 30 inches the pck, hose and two trips to the mobile Home Depot 
And $20 out of the old man's tightwads pocket 
For hose parts,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, it don,t leak now

        But I came across the stupidest thing that I've ever seen. whoever put it in the air-conditioning ducts didn't talk to the guy that put in the plumbing  or was it The plumber that  didn't talk to the air conditioning guy
                               I think you can see where I'm going with this

Well the dip shit plumber put 11/2 inch hole through the air conditioning duct
To run his hose for the waterline 

Now If the dip shit plumber move the line over 3 inches he would've been fine he had plenty a room
No it had to have been put in either on a Monday or Friday but then again the dip shit redneck didn't know any different Monday through Friday so it really probably never did make much of a difference doing The insulation his way
Then I came across to the second screwup
Now when you have a drain for shower you have a P-trap that goes from the shower to the septic system in some cases you have a vapor vent as in my case
                 Ya I think you know where I'm going with this one to
You're right on the button you're one step ahead of me,,,,, damn fool where right through this same duct work with an Inch and three-quarter hole for his drain

Now in this photo you can see the white portion underneath the black pipe pipe is the duct 
And to make it even more fun I could never figure out why my bathroom and my floor in the bedroom always so cold
It seems they ran out of corking and  weatherproofing insulation and or silicone sealing  on Monday through Friday
How about that ya for the low-paid dip  shit plumer 
So now after it's all done and said for now today I have my contractors fan in the hole trying to dry it out,,, and by the way did I say in the hole,,,,, this is what I had to deal with 
Should I say I am an old white guy,,,,, trust me I don't do contortions well,,,,,, i'm like yeah I can touch my knees  when I'm sitting down on a good day but today was a little different,,,,and no the blanket and pillow were not to sleep on 
It's called padding for the old parts

On a better update
Well miss Betty Boop the wonderful faithful loving dog is back in the house 
But the expression on her face  it's only a matter time Old white guy

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  1. Now I'm afraid to go under my house for fear of what I'll find!! LOL Poor puppy .... better give her a treat!!