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Monday, September 26, 2016

Now that's someone I can respect

Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys called a meeting with all of his Coaches, Players and field staff and firmly told them, "You are all simply paid performers on a stage and that field is my stage! You will stand, with your hand over your heart and with respect, when our Country's National Anthem is being played or you will no longer be a Dallas Cowboy, a Coach for the Dallas Cowboys or have any association with the Dallas Cowboy Organization! I will immediately fire you, no matter who you are!"

Say what you will about Jerry Jones but here, I'm damn proud of what he has said and demanded of his Players, Coaches and field staff for Country! 

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Someone you could respect,,,,, for standing 

There something wrong with that picture 

Gerald J. Galarza The Afghani terrorist that was blowing up Chelsea in Manhattan Family owns a fried chicken place called American Fried gets better...him and his family had million dollar lawsuits against police and community leaders for racial discrimination! Someone explain whats wrong with this picture

Taken off a face book page The credit goes to them