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Saturday, September 24, 2016

What,s better then a jack ass arguing with an elephant,,,a Liberal that telling the truth

Be Libertarian and let's make America sane again.

Don't know who former Governor Johnson is? Well, here's a little summary about the libertarian candidate. Gary Johnson was the Republican governor of New Mexico from 1994-2003. Before venturing into politics, Johnson was an entrepreneur and business man, similar to the current GOP candidate, Donald Trump. He started his own construction business which later became one of the largest construction companies in the state of New Mexico. What is so interesting about Johnson is his veto record. As Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson vetoed a total of 750 bills that were proposed. This is more vetoes than any other governor in United States history. You may be thinking, "Well, I don't want a president who vetoes everything," but hear me out. Johnson cut taxes 14 times while in office and he never once raised them. When he retired from his office in 2003, the state of New Mexico was one of only 4 states with a completely balanced budget. He also has one of the most successful job creating records of any US governor. After Governor Johnson noticed the fall of the Republican party, he knew there was no way he could be a Democrat. Gary Johnson was, and still is socially liberal, while fiscally conservative. This is what the Republican party used to be. Now, these ideals are referred to as Libertarianism. The Libertarian party is the only party, other than the Republican and Democratic parties, whose nominee is guaranteed to be on the ballots in all 50 states. Yes, you read correctly. There will be three presidential candidates to chose from. Here are some reasons why you may want to vote for the Libertarian candidate this election. 

1. When it comes to social issues, Gary Johnson agrees with Bernie Sanders 73% of the time. 

Do you believe in a woman's right to chose, the legalization of marijuana or gay rights? If so, Johnson is the candidate for you. With Bernie Sanders slowly, but surely losing the Democratic nomination, you may believe that your only option is to vote for Hillary. I'm here to tell you that you have another option. Johnson believes in a small government. This means that the government would have no say in what you do with your life. He believes that as long as no harm is coming to others, American citizens should be able to act as they please. While agreeing to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. he also has said that he believes churches should have the right to deny performing these marriages. Quite frankly, Gary Johnson doesn't care if you get an abortion, smoke weed, or are homosexual. We have bigger problems to worry about. 

2. He knows how to create a balanced budget. 

Are you concerned about the 20 trillion dollars the US owes in debt? I sure am. That's why I am voting for Gary Johnson. Governor Johnson was able to create a balanced budget for the state of New Mexico as well as cut taxes. His business-like approach to economic issues is much more effective than a political approach. Johnson has already stated that his first act in office will be to create a "truly balanced budget." He has also pledged to veto any legislation that will involve deficit spending. Compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson's economic plan is much more practical and well thought out. 

3. He wants to cut government spending in all the right places.

One of the major ways Johnson wants to cut spending is to decrease the incarceration rates in the US. This country spends more money on imprisoning criminals than any other country. Johnson believes that the government has criminalized too many aspects of people's personal lives. Gary Johnson says "the failed War on Drugs is, of course, the greatest example. Well over 100 million Americans have, at one time or another, used marijuana. Yet, today, simple possession and use of marijuana remains a crime — despite the fact that a majority of Americans now favor its legalization." Another way Johnson plans to cut spending is by increasing retirement age and cutting funding to the welfare system. He also wants to privatize social security and healthcare to take the economic pressure off of the government while giving American citizens more choices in how they live their lives. Along with this, Johnson plans on eliminating all federal agencies in order to decrease our nation's debt. 

4. His foreign policy is on point. 

To sum it all up, Gary Johnson's foreign policy is centered on the idea that we do not need to get involved when it's none of our business. Unless one of our allies has called upon us for help or if our country is in danger, there is no reason for us to waste American lives or money on fighting wars we have no business fighting. Johnson wants to "repair and reinforce" our relationships with our allies and use them to our advantage. In all reality, his plans for foreign policy are quite simple...protect our citizens and our way of life. That's all he really cares about. 

5. He actually has a plan to lower taxes while still decreasing the national debt.

Johnson says, "Today’s federal tax code does all the wrong things. It penalizes productivity, savings and investment, while rewarding inefficiency and designating winners and losers according to political whim. For far too long, tax laws have been used not just as a means to collect needed revenues, but as a weapon with which to manipulate our behavior, create and destroy industries and fulfill politicians’ dreams of social engineering. The result is a tax code that is more than 70,000 pages long enforced by a government agency with almost 100,000 employees. It is nothing less than a massive deployment of government force on our lives, our finances and our freedom." He plans to totally do away with tax subsidies and the double taxation on businesses while implementing a single consumption tax. This will give Americans more freedom to do what they want with their money. Gary Johnson's tax plan is supported by many famous economists. 

The polls show that Johnson already has 11.5% of America's vote, and most people don't even know who he is yet. This is more support than a Libertarian nominee has gotten in the history of the political party's participation in the presidential election and this number is rising everyday. In the past, the Libertarian nominee has barely gotten 1% of the vote. For the first time in history, a Libertarian actually has a shot at winning the presidential election. What is stated in this article is just a small amount of what Gary Johnson has to offer. Instead of having to chose between the worst of both parties, let's make America sane again by electing the best of both parties. Be Libertarian 

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