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Saturday, November 5, 2016


See what happens when I try to take a day off they try to put a 70 foot load and a 15 foot hole

The new driver decided he was going to tackle that he had it halfway in, but no he wanted to do better should have left it there but wanted to find tune the spot 
calls me at 12 o'clock to see what he can do well sort of a short story long the bus comes along with the other truck finally gets him out of the hole most logical place to put it turn it around and put it next to the road well guess what we're stuck again
After breaking 2 heavy duty tow chains  try to pull the white truck out with the blue truck unfortunately no detail that became time to calling a wrecker no photos at this point too busy
Managed to get the wrecker to lift the load up enough to get the trailer out from underneath it 
damage to all the trusses only one webbing broke so far so good
Now it's the blue truck turned to dump the load had to turn him around finally got him into the hole by the way did I say it was zero pitchdark try to do this with a flashlight finally got his load off no damage to that load 8 o'clock we left there one  hell of a long day and I didn't drive a mile

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