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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy as a clam and you know it

Here's the deal seagull

Seeing as how I couldn't get any butter  clams from the Pacific Northwest I'll go for my second best and have an old standby,,  steamers from the Cape area Like in  Cape Cod
It's only one reliable seafood market and Cocoa I know gets fresh New England products
And they're called mainly lobster seafood and restaurant at cocoa Beach
So how do you cook up a pound and a half of steamers very simple pilgrim
Here the New England recipe
Cup of  water.### ( Please see note at the bottom)
A tablespoon of olive oil 
1 tablespoons of butter
1 teaspoon of chopped garlic (an option)
Put it all In a big pot bring it to a boil 
And then the best part
put your pound and a half of steamers in a pot
Do not turn your heat down
You're only going to Steam cook them for about 10minutes 
After about 5 minutes with a spatula stir up the clams and let them go for another five minutes.  (Don't over cook)
Your done 
You can drain the broth off in a glass dish 
Now there's two things that you could do if you like butter with your clams 
put about three or 4 tablespoons in the microwave please make sure you put the butter in a dish pilgrim saves  on cleanup
If you like the broth you could take the broth  in a glass dish for dipping your clams in either broth or butter
If you're anything like me make sure you have plenty of paper towels I don't feel bad about being a slob so enjoy your clam you'll be like a happy New Englander on the clam flats. Enjoy
### when I said put in 1 cup of water you could substitute that with any white dry wine just remember it WILL change the flavor of the clams
So my suggestion would be a half a cup of water and a half a cup of your favorite white dry wine
If you do use wine don't feel too bad about taking a swig or two, it needs to be tested first,,,  it's called quality control,

The end 

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