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Saturday, May 13, 2017

14,000 and counting

Is This The Future Look of Maine's Mountain Top Windmill Farms, When the Taxpayer Subsidies Stop? 

Is This The Future Look of Maine's Mountain Top Windmill Farms, When the Taxpayer Subsidies Stop? 

What the windmill farms, on our mountaintops might look like eventually.

And another view

More abandoned US windmill farms

Pretty amazing, even to me, as I just found out yesterday how many of these sites have been literally "abandoned". This is the future for Maine, just like it has been in many other parts of the USA. This is the ultimate "endgame" for one of the grandest "redistribution of wealth schemes" that Americans have ever devised. And the magic is still going on as we parade towards filling our waterfront full of these in addition to what we have built on top of our mountains.

It has to be just about one of the grandest scams that has been foisted onto the American public in my lifetime, and the liberals, especially all the "green" ones who fancy themselves smarter than the rest of us peons, have bought it lock stock and barrel. What was that expression that PT Barnum used to say about a "sucker born every minute".

Think it can't happen here?

........"[in 1981] Congress enacted financial incentives to support the wind industry in California and elsewhere.......It was short lived however and in 1985 all the financial incentives were withdrawn and the whole Large Wind Power industry collapsed. The business model can not work without taxpayer subsidies and incentives and without this the business model is completely unworkable. In 1985 in Altamont Pass, San Gorgonio Pass and Tehachapi Pass more than 14,000 wind turbines that had been built between 1981 and 1985 were quickly abandoned by the Large Wind Farm developers"........

[url=]They are still standing today, 30 yrs later, abandoned by the owners, rusting away, demonstrating a complete and total failure of government policy[/url]

......."A breathtaking sight awaits those who travel to the southernmost tip of Hawaii’s stunningly beautiful Big Island, though it’s not in any guidebook. On a 100-acre site, where cattle wander past broken ‘Keep Out’ signs, stand the rusting skeletons of scores of wind turbines"........"the 27-year-old Kamaoa Wind Farm remains a relic of the boom and inglorious bust of America’s so-called ‘wind rush’, the world’s first major experiment in wind energy".........

[url= promises.......many of them[/url]

Investors were quick to build these "windmill farms", many of them were poorly designed and had lots of problems. But no matter, to the lucky connected ones, who were playing the tax scam game, it served the brought them lots of money, tons of it, mostly ours! And like many of these schemes, built atop empty promises made to gullible people, it worked only as long as the subsidies did. When the subsidies died, so did the windmill farms, lots of them in America. And because they were too costly to the windmill owners to tear down, they simply walked away and left them to the elements, and for someone else to clean up....someday! Most of the developers were smart enough to just "lease" the property to build them on. That way when the SHTF so to speak, they just walk away and leave the mess for others, after they have taken all of our money for themselves.

There is lots more to this story, I have just hit a couple of highlights. I am fairly astute, most of the time, yet I had no notion of this gross "abandoment" until I just happened to see a picture of the abandoned development in HI, last night, and followed it up on Google today. 

Some figures I have seen indicate that around 40,000 of these generators have been built.......and well over 14,000 of them have been abandoned in the USA! And the DEP has just permitted another one in the Bingham area!

The future of Maines mountains should be quite interesting, if it follows what has happened in the rest of the country!


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