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Monday, June 19, 2017

Best Father's Day yet

Back  a couple of weeks ago my grandson had a birthday party and you never know what to get a Child . We get tired of box stores gift card so I got a different kind of gift card, but from  amusement place  called sky zone. it was  a former grocery store and they taken over the full facility it has about 10 or 15 trampolines in different zones of different sizes and shapes it also has obstacle courses and a big pool with rubber sponges. Rock climbing face
So I thought that would be a good idea for the grandkids, little did I know that I created a monster, playground for the adults in the family as well,
I don't know who enjoyed it more my son, or my grandson,
Well my son and his son kai went  in. and , short time later his wonderful wife and daughter Emmy join the fun. 
No no dear old granddad didn't go in, i'm not fond of riding in the back of an ambulance.
We were there a good three hours, And It was like Dragon a horse out of the stall the didn't want to go everybody was having so much fun .
And a good kind of tired,
Dinner with my family and my grandkids priceless....

Boy did I go home tired that night

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