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Friday, March 7, 2014

It,s all a new saga

Well looks like we're passing the papers and the bucks $$$$$ .the 10th  so far that's good 

We're trailer trash starting mon, at 1030 am   but it seems we have been that for the last 6 weeks now or so 

Now for the kicker 
Our 5er,s to small I'm looking at a 29. 5er if we're going to be out for 7 8 9 mo,s we need more room
The one I'm looking at is real short $$$.  Plus it has a large slide and a basement  room for my kites and my gun rack and a backup water tank to boot
If we get this one  we don't need to roll over each other and the 2 dogs to get out of bed at night 
It,s a bummer getting old 
If I do I'm looking at 1 or 2 up dated solar panels  and I will take some of my stuff off the 23er
 With the f 350 is still over kill with a 29 footer   now if the price if fuel will come down  that would be nice
As for the ford $$$ money pit were up to 2000$$$ now let's see after the brake jobs 
The aftercooler had 7 split core tubes that's Gale Banks 1300$$  cooler is junk 
The old oil cooler junk 
Oil lines junk
Now a new aftercooler  940$$
New oil cooler 100$$
New larger cooler lines 175$$
3 new A/F hoses 100$$
Hooking up the trans   Torque converter lockup 50$$ 
Hell  it,s a FORD think   (fix or repair  Daily  )
Also we're thinking with this larger 5er we will stick around here till april 5 
To line up stuff that needs to be done when we're gone so we don't need to move out anyway for that time the works going on and were not under foot (bathroom is getting revamped )
what,s next   Stay tuned don't change that dial

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