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Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 10th????

Well the title co is pinning for the 10 th  Hoo ra . GO title co.
SO it looks like the 15 th we might be on the move if the kids don't grab me for some more house work 
or the fordmoco   needs more $$$$ to keep her running 
Miss Terrys set to go
We still have no time line to be any place , as long as it,s cooler and not hotter 
Let's see how for can we get from 9am to 230pm with food and cleaning the rest rooms and dog walks 
I wonder how many RV wal-mart welcome stores there are out of the state of Fl
I do know there's 18 full size truck stops so there that's that's 8 days right there 
More to come 

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