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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can't give-a- way good shit. (with update)

Well today I tried,   but they we're not taking any free shit from me
So it cost me 15.00 $$ to dump ,,,  now that's a load of shit 
Think about it,, my shit tanks 40 gal,s ,, wow that,s .37 cents a gal, for shit

Well now on a lighter side,, the 5er,s set to go and chomping at the bit
We're set to go  chomping as well
A small list to do on the truck (about 2 days would do it ) brakes/ banks sys/ and a relay ?
New note 
Cable  harness may be  missing on the banks brake sys,

Need one rotor back brake (will replace 2)
(added up date )
2 rear brake rotors and pad 172.21$$ (bad ones driver side)
New front pads 52.00 old rotors good
1 socket 21mm 5.80$ ( got 3 in storage 30 miles from here )

We think the aftercoolers may have a crack in it so it tig weld or replace it ??
At the same time were replacing all the a/f hoses  upper and lower
Top that off were replacing the oil cooler lines and the trans cooler lines as well that's an update to larger hoses 
O ya replace trans oil and filter
I need to get out of DODGE with what $$$$ I got left 

Now as for the new trailer trash house it,s a  WAITING  game
With the title co, we're thinking some time next week there going to relieve  me of my new found $$$

So shortly after that were out of here 
Now with the mid-west with rain and the south west in a heat spell  and march coming  we will be in Az but for how long ??
Im Thinking of free stuff,,  frees good

And after with my thousand trails i picked up southwest and northwest we can start with cottonwood Az for a week???
And bounce over to 395 in Ca ??? 
Think  I can max out my golden age pass ,  we're sure going to try 

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