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Friday, February 7, 2014

Well here i SIT bummers

Well I'm upset TRUCKS not here yet ,,  not even on the road yet,,,, still sitting in Houston yet,,, shippers are slow due to shit snow rain ice   Pisser }------
The dealers got 4 trucks that need to be moved as well as mine and the load board s going NUTS
HELL I'm going NUTS
A new TOY and I can't play with it  BUT I got some stuff ordered for it
 what-ting  is not one of my best traits I get antsy  fast
O well
We're staying at my son and wife and the grand kids (one at this time ) home  in the side yard  and all I have to do is play Jose the mexican  handy man with out pay but I get a 115 w.  outlet plug
So far its been fun and I get my grand kid fix  that's the BEST one can't beat grand kids hug,s
Wife moved in today  with 1000 lb of stuff  and the fun part is going to see were it all fits
Well me,,my stuff fits in 1 over night bag ,, thank god for Wal- Mart

Well were going to look at 2 or 3 down size homes sat -sun day  testing the waters for a roof over our heads will see
                         Still no truck,,,  bummer  ,,,

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