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Thursday, March 20, 2014

the big diesel truck saga

well i danced to the tune of 1,554.$$$ and it go,s like this
Mishimoto intercooler 995.$$
up/lo/ res  hoses 85.$$
tran,s cooler 68.$$
rest  was shop work
so far so good
as long as my check book holds out  now
 now the up date on the NEW 5ER
we picked the truck up monday   at 4pm way to late to run down to port st lucie
and back so i went down tue, and unloaded a hole bunch of cash
so far we spent the last 3 days moving and setting up
and no were not done and yes WE GOT A  WHOLE BUNCH OF ROOM (but no we have not tested the dishwasher)  but it,s coming
i took my old solar stuff off an am looking to set it up on the big boy
 I,m thinking of adding 1 more panel 230w
seeing as how i,m adding 2 more cart battery,s and i have a lot of room for to install that part and a lot more if needed
however my roof is shit shape,, what looks like a lot of room turns out small and or in some shade some what
and to boot NOT a flat roof  it,s curved,, so my best laid plan is now VOID
but thanks to E-BAY my bracket are  on order today
now the dip shit sold me a trailer with new D rated tires 5 lugs  so we will pull my new  E rated ones off and use them
I hope to get some photos up soon
 thay say it,s only fun when your spending money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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