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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Light at what tunnel ???

Well there's a light at the end of the tunnel however it's not very bright
But it's a light nevertheless
The coat closet is done except for the lower trim the center closet is done except for painting the shelves and the lower trim the bifold door closet is done except for the painting and the Lower trim
The refrigerator closet is done except for painting the  doors above it
At this time I'm not going to do anything on the header trim above the closet doors because I'm going to replace an revamp most of that ceiling in The hall and living room
However unfortunately I have to remodel the bathroom and the kitchen before I can tackle the ceiling
Otherwise I'm chasing my tail on the ceiling
And then at the Point somewhere at the same time I have to do the floor (The floor is good I just need to get rid of the rug)( found a nice all 100% bamboo flooring )(looks like laminate but it's not)
And then if you think I'm going to rest your out of your mind
I have to remodel the bathroom 
remodel the kitchen 
raise the floor in the Florida room 12 inches 
take the jealousy windows that are crappy out and put in 3 vinyl windows
Now the catch to this equation is I have to take out all three RV type walls to the roofline we're not changing the roof because of code
However we are going to restud everything as you would a house under the roof 
Oh and did I say were going to have to put 2 doors in there  like in standard doors
And then if you want to come over you can help me put vinyl siding on all of the outside
I know I'm forgetting something
Then I can probably sit back and wait for hurricane season
Shit I live in Florida that ain't funny

Unfortunately I haven't been able to adjust my iPad so that I can get everything in the picture but then again I'm only 11 feet wide 37 feet long so if you think this is a close-up you're right
I got to stand in the bathroom to take the picture and no poop was  stepped on taking the first three pictures
I'm not even finished an the wifes putting stuff away

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