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Thursday, February 19, 2015

That's some pretty scary stuff

I made the mistake of looking up arthritis under  Googles images.   Please don't do that
On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm probably a 3
My biggest problem is not the arthritis it's going back and forth from in my closets (wow that sounds pretty bad ) to  the outside where I have to cut my wood. Then back in the house then back outside it feels like a yo-yo  with a lot of stooping bending and twisting and trust me  it,s not a good thing and 71
Most of what I got is inflamed joints  and old-age. Old age sucks sometimes well most of the time except when you get a  senior food discount. at the time and I take an ibuprofen and it helps  along with a little catnap. Didn't somebody say catnaps were good almost like free and free is always good
Aside from having a busted  thumb socket from Wayback 40 years ago to an 
Andachilles heel from 2 years back I certainly need to count myself damn lucky.
And it's pretty bad when I got a brother that's 82 that can whip my ass and he goes commercial fishing during the summertime that' old boys got way more stamina  and I will ever have
So as they say if you could take another breath and put your feet on the ground in the morning you've already started the day out perfect even if it is 930am

Besides Work should only be done in the PMs 

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