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Monday, February 2, 2015

Holy big house,, Batman

Where was I when the money was coming in
Most certainly not at the money station
Well i did  The second load (of five going) today to a place that has no homeowners association no fancy entities no golf course however he dose have 450 feet of lakefront property in the town of Windermere
And yes that's The City where tiger wood used to live his xxx wife got the house she sold it and moved out
Now due to the fact that it was raining I managed to sit with the mr. George the site boss for about a half an hour and chewing the fat about the house is 13,300 ft.² technically three stories I made the mistake of asking the site boss if this house cost in the neighborhood 2.5 million after taking himself up off the floor laughing  he told me how much it was, however I'm too embarrassed to tell you how much it cost so I broke it down for you it is $416  a sq ft at The start of 2014 and it does have a contingency plan for installation it is going to take over two years to build his house ,The cost was based on the very first month of 2014 The contingency is cost +20% of materials and cost +50% if the owner makes a change and architectural fees 
And the  exterior architect and interior architect was over a year and planning
And an overrun inflation price of 5% 
Now when you build a house this size and this price,, the land is not factored into the price of the house.   You have owned it or You bought it prior to building
So do to the rain I didn't get a chance to walk around the house however has Arnold Would say  Esta Lavista baby i'll be back
At the stage of this photo it's been six months to this point

This one here is in Reunion better known as ( Champion Gates golf and resort )right next to Disneyland (The same development as the 10500s ft home ). We do know that it is 19,000 sq ft.² but the price Unknown

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