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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Money can't buy everything

If you got $2 million to spend there here's your house
The house is a winter home for three man (I don't know if they're married )as a getaway for the winter
To start off it does not include the land but it goes back up to a golf course
As well as the $650 per month for the homeowners association
And the $5000 for the privileged golf club fee 
But what you do get is your own gated community with all the entities at like their own waterpark restaurants movie theaters golf course Sport fitness shopping center medical facilities helipad and bus Service and their own Police Department
You're only 20 minutes to Disney 35 to downtown Orlando and 35 minutes to Orlando international airport however did I say they have their own heliport 
The house you're looking at is 2,000,000+$$ with 10,500 ft.² under air three-car garage five bedrooms a movie theater with an infinity covered pool to be added a recreation room two living rooms ( One up and one down ) seven baths, oh and an elevated too I'm sorry to the second floor 
So if you think 10,500 ft.² is larger that's average for this side of the development
There are some 18 and  22,000 square-foot homes on the other side of the golf course 
Now if you had enough money to buy this house you really may want to think again

After you take a look at the bottom photo

This was the third load I brought to this house The first two were last February
It is taken just over year to build to this point
Last load today was for the pool house

Gap between each house is less then a 8ft wide
I've been told that when it rains each house washes each other's siding
In order to put the air conditioning handlers (this house has five )in they have to go in the back side of the house because they're too big to fit in between the two homes 
After I took the picture and later the gentleman told me that they rent the  this 9,900 sq ft house on the left for $2100 a night, or 14,000  month  and it rents out often so he stated
I'm sure that includes the maid in the cook in the deal

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  1. If I had that much money, sure as hell wouldn't live like that!!
    Just getting caught up on the blog again. Seems like you've been a busy bee! Me too....don't know where the time goes.
    I think Grace is down to about 20 working days left. Just completed our first full month living in the tin can and still liking each other.
    Glad to see you being a productive member of society again....... pace yourself.