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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Plant city strawberries at their finest

I had to drive all the way down to plant city to get the best flat of strawberries. 11$ pr flat
By the end of January still be down to about seven dollars for a full flat that's damn good because they started out at $22 a flat at the height of the strawberry season 
There still 3.$ and some change. a pint at Publix
Well I don't think I saved a whole lot of money figuring tolls the price of gas and naturally I had to go out to have something to eat  but at least I got three flats I have to remember I've got a really small freezer so sometime this morning i'm going to wind up doing the other flat and a haft

I managed to get A flat  and a half done last night and pretty proud of myself
Although I was probably short of pint do to the consumption but that's okay it makes more room in the freezer
So this morning I attacked the The rest of the strawberries
Well I came out with 14 vacuum freezer bags each bag is about a qt and 3/4 i'm really glad I didn't go with 4 flats of strawberries I wouldn't have had any room, see,,,
Ain't got much more room in that Freezer now. (that also includes in there a gallon of black raspberries from Oregon)

Now for people that live in Florida,, plant city strawberries are considered the tops 
There only planted in two counties from Lakeland to Bartow to Brandon and that's about it
That's like during the summertime Zellwood corn is really really sweet and that's what a lot of truck farmers do and plant in the central part of Florida
Then you have sugarcane farmers down in Myakka city and that's in the lower western side of the everglades of Florida. About 80% of the pollution run off comes from sugarcane fields and They don't make that much money it's cheaper to (import) buy it from another country
The only thing we grow on the East Coast are tourist, Canadian retreats, attractions, and big hotels
Maybe with the advent of global warming maybe people might think about not moving down here permanently  feel free to send your dollars but stay home
Florida is number three in relocating population now
And the cookie cutting  and trophy housing market is right back to about where it was and 2007
Sorry about going off the deep end

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