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Friday, January 2, 2015

Tax bastard

Dip shits gas guys  stopped in dropped 40.$$ for 15gal,s and change at 2.95 drive 4 miles down the road  look at the price  dropped .06 cents,,,,,, pisser ,,,,,, yes my gas buddy app  was down 
Now bear in mind the fed,s tack on 18.5 cents for all fuel  pr, gal, however the state of Florida whoops your ass for 56.5 cents for ever gal, sold at the pump 
Now if you think that's outrageous think of the money the gas guys rake in 
That's right big bucks 4.5 to 5.5 cents or gal, at the pump (note ) not many go over 4.5 cents there profit is not made in gas its what's on the in side of the store that's the high mark up 
Think retail ,, Coke a six pack at the stores  ? 4 and change  at fast gas stops it,s 1.90 ? X 6 = 11.40  so bottom line low gas will lure you in and hope you need a snack,, or a piss your better off with the piss that's free sort of,, if .74.5 cents pr,gal is to your liking 

Stay out of the Shackey state of California the highest in the land there gas tax is 70.2 cents pr, gal plus 18.5 for the fed,s 

That's my bottom line 

Now look at the off road fuel 

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