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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Now can you really fix stupid

Now the dip- shit that design this needs to go back to architect school there is no load bearing walls anywhere in this mailbox
All they did was design the inside to look like a house 
  Now when they build The shell it doesn't have a roof  so when the time cames they fabricated a  roof flipped it upside down on top of the house and screwed it down and out the shop it goes
So in order to fix the SAG that I didn't like (apparently it has been there since day one) I had to go this way and put loadbearing walls panels in however I need to make three more
Today was basically a test to see how I was going to do it we're going to move the refrigerator down 27 inches and revamp all the closets with 3  glass mirror bifold panels

If you look at the photo you will see The gap between the sill  and the header
That gab is the ceiling that's a three-quarter inch gap
We probably could dig it out and put three-quarter shims in there however I'm not going to worry about it 
my load bearers will solve that problem
Unless you take the whole roof off ,, the only way you can solve that problem if you do what I just did
Bypass it and make a load panel

Even so this panel is coming out it gives you an idea how stupid they are
That should have been a loadbearing panel

And yes I really am going to rewire it 
If you've ever seen how they wire a mobile home ( and RVs as well )  It would scare the shit out of you
Now the proper way is you find a stud and nail your box into it and  allow room for your sheet rock  or panel whichever
That's a no-brainer
Well not these assholes they put in a blind box and attach it to the panel. 
That somebody with no brains
                                    So now let the fun begin

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