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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How do people get so stupid can you correct it

Well where do I begin ,,,let me start out by saying $$);():(:/(;  ¥£^£€%}€>#|
In  breeding goes hand in hand with the Very low pay and stupidity in the south
Especially in the module home business
Now if you're wondering why there's a picture of a marker light. Keep its shape in mind
I need to give you a little bit of history about the module home business this unit that we bought in 2014 came in in two separate pieces however it was manufactured Wayback in the mid 80s
At the time this particular manufactured manufactured it in two parts
The first being 10 feet wide the second part in 4 feet wide 
There are three marker lights known as front center and back
It appears that the 4 foot wide section never have a lights
Then when you get to the homesite you put them altogether to make one if it's done right you have no problem 

Stupidity inbreeding and Low  pay took over
One would think that when you go to put each half together one would think realistically to take and remove the marker lights  
                                         Well not this fantastic Crew

      You really can't see much from this photo but notice the gap between the  two by sixes
The gap that you she should not be there
Notice the wires.   And the little white thingy

Here's a better shot of the thingy

At first I thought it was very funny,, then after, I got to thinking about it,, this is what caused me a lot of problems 
In this picture on the left you'll see 2 two by sixes  The same on the right side 
And where the wire is that's a 9/16 gap and it needs to be closed
And if it wasn't for inbreeding and stupidly this would have been all sandwiched an nailed together
              End  of story.                   Somehow I fear not

Oh and by the way remind me to tell you about the piano hinge.  And it has nothing to do with classical music
                                        That storys coming soon

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