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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I rearranged the paper towel holder

Well seeing how we have a lot of storage in the closet we don't need all the cabinet space
Show my bright idea and solution was to solve that was by bringing in the one man wrecking crew
So after all the dust settled
Well now I have a partially open kitchen  with much better counterspace and it feels like more room 
I really need to get at the ceiling so that I can revamp it,,but the project in the kitchen needs to be torn down so we can work on that
So if I play my cards right leaving the lower cabinets to themselves!, I should be able to take the old top cabinets and the box lighting out redo the ceiling with a minimum of inconvenience 
When the Time comes To sheet rock the kitchen I can  yank out the old lower cabinets and put in the new cabinets and I'll be good to go and then finish the living room sheet rocking anytime I get to it 
Well pricing lowes or Home Depot's premade cabinets didn't come out to bad however pricing custom cabinets were little bit more pricey,  but I may go that way, as seeing how I'm doing 90% of the work which saves me a boatload of money and besides free is always good

    The parrot survived the ordeal and was moved to the other perch

Standard upper cabinets are 30 inches tall however when you get something this small the cabinets
Are only 24 inches tall
When the factory put in the 6 inch drop ceiling for there fluorescent lighting, if we eliminate that we will be  able to use 30 inch tall cabinets,, and put some kind of shadowbox LED tube lighting to replace the old setup
So I think you know now where my next project is going to be

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  1. Just got caught up on the blog. Your work looks great! Seems like you've got enough projects to keep you out of trouble for a while. Don't ya just love how one alteration opens the door for s many others? But,'re doing a fine job and I'll bet Sherries having fun with your all the drywall and sawdust seasonings.....
    Pace yourself