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Sunday, December 27, 2015

And on the second day after Christmas

Somebody said,,,,,let there be light,,,
And there was
Well it didn't come out too bad and I didn't make any mistakes all the measurements were where they were supposed to be
What makes it nice as you can get plastic Jay box take your drywall saw and cut your pattern out as long as you leave at three eights lip you're fine put them up and the tabs come out now the LED lights are 4 inches in diameter not counting the basil what makes these really nice is you only have 2 1/2 inches high to go into the J box with plenty a room
And if you have a real tight area you can cut part of the J box in half  because it's plastic
Luckily I didn't do that I thought I was going to need that in the hallway

Now because LEDs are also dimmable we decided to do two dimmers one for the three over the kitchen and two that are in the hallway
If you're interested unfortunately I couldn't get a lower wattage each LED is equivalent to a 65 W bulb in brightness you feel like you're under the theater lights it's so bright so,,,compatible LED and a compatible dimmer was the only way to go
that was also done with plastic drywall Jay boxes along with the switches that are inserted don't worry about the drywall hole because all of that wall is going to get revamped with new drywall and cabinetry that was just to get be going till I get to that point
Also at the same time before we had the sheet rock put in I made sure that I ran one line from one of the LEDs that is over the main counter to the two dimmer switches so in the future I can open up the same box for the LED and make that a completely separate light by adding a third switch somewhere nearThe other dimmable switches so I can act as a night light later on at least I have that option to use

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  1. That's pretty cool. I didn't know you could get dimmer switches.