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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Poetic justice of the finest kind

Alligator kills Barefoot Bay burglary suspect

How could you not ask for a fitting ending
At least the alligator didn't suffer long although I think they should have given him ( Old snappy the alligator )a dozen feral cats from the neighborhood as a thank you reward
Now if the smart sheriff was smart he would give  the other guy a life vest and see if you could swim across lake to freedom,,, but sorry to say they got rid of the good oh big snappy

Alligator kills Barefoot Bay burglary suspect


Investigators say that Riggins had told his girlfriend he would be in Barefoot Bay to commit burglaries with another suspect who is now in custody but not cooperating with officials, according to Maj. Tod Goodyear with BCSO.

Deputies responded to calls in Barefoot Bay on Nov. 13 that there were two men dressed in black walking behind area houses, who ran from responding officers. Later that day, Riggins was reported missing to the Palm Bay Police Department.

Police searching the area reported hearing "yelling" but could not determine the source that night, Goodyear said. ( editors note I like this part)

Ten days later, Riggins' body was found in the lake.

Sheriff's dive team members encountered an 11-foot alligator behaving aggressively while recovering the body, according to BCSO. 

"When the body was found, it had injuries that were consistent with an alligator attack," Goodyear said. "We had trappers euthanize the gator and when we opened it up, there were some remains inside that were consistent with injuries found on the body."

Riggins died from drowning and bites were discovered along his legs and body that led investigators to determine he had been dragged underwater by the massive animal.

Goodyear said that burglaries reported by snowbirds returning to their homes for the winter are being investigated in connection with Riggins and his unknown accomplice

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