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Friday, December 25, 2015

What are YOU doing Christmas Day

Well I kind of came to a crossroad this week and I needed to stop procrastinating

The boss told me to get off the stick and do the job now
Now what was my job
O  Like I don't know what my job was,,,,,but for Marco's job was to guard over the donuts on the counter
He's really a bum and a begger and if he doesn't get his coffee he wines
So Wednesday I had two guys come in and put up the ceiling sheet rock and tape it up
Yesterday on Thursday the guy came in and tape the Room and  the hallway out so he could spray it for knockdown
So far the job come out pretty good at this point I don't have any complaints now my next job which I can't do until Saturday or Sunday is to paint it. (see note)
As one can see Marco hasn't left side of the donuts yet on the counter
He may not be able to see tham  but he knows I took a donut off the counter so he knows he,s  in the right proximity
I have two LED lights going in the hallway and three that are going over the kitchen yes I do know where the holes go (there on the paper over the coffee pot)

Today is the 26 and the ceiling two coats  of paint  is finished,,,,, Tomorrow  LED lights
I said ceiling didn't say anything about the walls. Or the wall trim or the molding  the cabinetry or the flooring 

                               I hear that
                            This is the last Christmas post for 2015

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