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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Have you ever really thought about it

I keep saying that my dogs are from Mars or a foreign planet somewhere out in the solar system they got planted here  for a purpose and I think it was to find love 
if you really think you found them thank again I think they really found you
It's like going to a foreign country and adopting somebody and they never try to learn your language
Now on the other hand    If your dog came from another solar system or another planet how come he can understand you and you really can't understand him,, outher then his antics

If you think about it he only asked for two things one is his bowl of food the other is your unconditional love and a scratch or a rub  on the belly
And he will be your best friend forever and ever,,, and that makes him your best friend to
So no matter where he comes from he,s your pal

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