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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Myrtle Beach and we can't see the beach from here

OK were red roof inn  65$$ a night, Myrtle Beach South Carolina and, Dogs stay free
It's amazing what $15 more will get you,, Twin queen size bed no stains on the ceiling  all the plumbing work
We left Hardeeville at 8:30 and stopped at Myrtle Beach at 4:45 not a great amount of distance but we're moving
Only drawback it's the second floor but I've got it all figured out I can throw my duffel bag out the window and I just loaded in my car no dragging our luggage downstairs or using the elevator
At least at Myrtle Beach SC things seem to be a little more civilized  then Hardyville
Still on 17 it was a really Pleasant nice ride with no rain and a somewhat overcast day
I have no idea how many towns we went through I lost track after 20,, but then again that's the reason why we took 17
The best part about taking The back roads is finding small little out of the way niches
The only problem with that is you got to be careful with your pocketbook and the things that you might want to buy and where you going to put it 
I did suggest mailing one of the dogs back to the Florida but I got voted down on that
As close as We are I'm hoping to make Norfork Virginia  and over to the Chesapeake Bay (tunnel ) and Bridge side,,  like today tomorrow will be a crapshoot Motel wise

I'm never going to take a picture with my iPad again. Lousy quality

We were passing through Walterboro South Carolina it came across a cute little church

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