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Monday, September 7, 2015

Slow free Wi-Fi and 329 miles

OK If it's any consolation we left Cocoa at 8 am now at 4pm (well that comes  out to 41 mph )( where speedsters )were in Hardyville South Carolina.  Gas is 2.15  here although in Georgia we did see gas at 2.09 but it averaged at 2.15 as well 
All I can say is it's a big effing woop be due
But the drive here was fantastic. We decided to drive to Jacksonville on 95 once we get on the other side of Jacksonville at the Georgia border we took 17 that's what we're going to stay on most of this trip going north at least to Norfork Va,
Our first night is Hardeeville So, Carolina it's wonderful claim to fame is motel 8 even if it is 100 years old  now please don't go by the fantastic pictures you see in the brochure their bullshit
You won't find it at this hotel,,  no Siri Bobby know what you will find is 100-year-old hotel has the same original furnishings  same rug the same stains on the ceiling along with the big gap under the door and no I haven't tryed  out the bathroom yet?? 
Now at $44 and some change which came out to $50 for two they never asked about the two dogs which are 10$ each but if I don't get caught that would be great Plus Betty found out she can piss on the floor and I will not smack her,, now The first room we were in the bathroom didn't work and somebody smoked in it The room not the bathroom but then again I could be wrong there to,, now if you have to come to Hardeeville S C and you want to eat my suggestion is highly recommended go out of town to eat but definitely not at the new China restaurant
 I'm not sure how to describe warm stale food other than to say it was not hot and downright pretty bad definitely checking that off our list
But then I guess you get what you pay for 6.99$  ?? Worth
So really on a brighter note I didn't think we were going to make it this far today
Even so we did run into some rain around 2 an 3 o'clock 
The other thing being a Labor Day holiday surprisingly very little traffic even so we were not on 95 but running parallel to it, it didn't look that bad 
then again tomorrow morning we're going to probably running to the people going to work
But being old farts will just take our  time and slow everybody else down 
Till  another brighter day

When I I got up I really need something desperately this is what I didn't find Notice anything missing in the photo
Somebody stole a coffee pot

Rat bastard

Well I'm kind of having a problem here it has to do with church and chapel
The definition of a church is one denomination
The definition of a chapel is all denominations or nondenominational
As you see on the sign it says chapel as well as christ church so it is a church really not a chapel
It only has a congregation seating of 13
OK I think I figured it out Christ had 12 apostles adding Christ makes 13 so we're trying to figure out who is going to conduct the sermon,,,,,, we figured it out see photo below
So being non-denominational everythings cool
            And yes the Church bell does work

                                  And no it is not Friar Tuck  or Mother Teresa 

Please Lord,,, I'll be good,,, I'll make it up next time

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