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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do I need a gen-set?? And Woo woo,s

Well I have one now 669$$$ later the suckers even got remote start and stop I don,t even need to get out of bed well at my age I do
It,s a champion 3500/4000 Elton, with remote start
Now with the big savings at campers world O boy I spent a lot Tham suckers 
First off tractor supply has the same thing for 499.99 + tax (but not in stock)
Carpers world 629.99 regular price  now membership price is 559.99$$ with free shipping (to the  nearest store???).  Duh ship it out the door and put it on my truck it's 75 feet right outside
Now it cost 25.00 $$$ to join  to get that discount of 559.99$$
Now after telling the sale gal tractor supply has the same thing for 499.99$$
Wow she took 25.00$$ off the members price for price matching wow did I save a boat load of $$$$$$
 any way how do I get my 59.99 back. Over priced by 34.99$$ + stick it to the member 25.00= 59.99

Now I need to figure out how and were the water tank is going to go 
As of now it's in the trailer bay, I can use it in there  and fill it if I need it
I'm only  using  it for more water when boon-Ing  so???will- se

We're at Sunset Tx on SR 289

Gas 3.45 diesel 3.70  temp 80 windy yes 

We're at sunset rv campgrounds  12.50 $ pr, nite PPA  free shower laundry wifi 
And right next to the woo,woo, tracks ya 200 ft yes every hour,,,did I say we like woo woo,s
And it,s pitch ass black dark and No mosquitos

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