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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's rock an roll to blow my short off

When we stop at the lights we get blown back 2 spaces 
ain,t no fun and the gas miles drop from 11mpg to O-Shit,,,and yes toto the wind blows in Texas to
I need a wind generator out here not a solar panel
Now in south Texas along the coast some blogger are telling it,s 103 there hot.  i,m glad we moved north it.s 65/69 and blowing no A/C tonight 
So we stopped in the town of Tulia Tx at a truck stop on 86 and 27
Gas is 3.45$  diesel 3.89$. Wind is free
We were in 287 and that was a 2 lane Hy that was rolling through the grasslands a real nice drive 
But we would like to do Rt 60 through Tx in to NM  to Az and bypass most of I-40 
So we switch over to 86 w and that takes us to 60 about 11 miles before NM state line 
So we will see 

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